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Maldives Weather


Average temperature

Average rainfall

Dry Season
November - April 23 - 32°C
72 mm
Wet Season
May - October 23 - 33°C
208 mm

The Maldives has a hot, tropical climate all year round and is affected by two monsoons bringing different weather fronts to the area.
Wet Season - The southwest monsoon brings wind and rain and it is a good idea to try to avoid the Maldives during this time - particularly June and July when the weather is extremely stormy with torrential rainfall.

Throughout the year the daytime temperature rarely falls below 23ºC and despite its position beside the equator, humidity is low due to cooling sea breezes.

Light cotton or linen clothes are the most appropriate attire and waterproofs are essential during the wetter months.

Best time to visit: During the Dry Season when the northeast monsoon brings drier, sunnier weather.

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